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DAVID ZEN是一位精通六國語言的美籍華人演員.  他在台灣和美國兩地受過專業的演員培訓, 演過舞台劇,微電影,廣告等等。他不但語文文化背景豐富,角色的範圍也很廣,曾詮釋過不同的反派角色,警察,律師,學生,法國搞笑藝人,德國納粹,反串角色等等。除了中英語之外, 也精通日文, 西班牙文, 法文和德文, 能夠流暢易如反掌般的轉換語言。每一種語言顯示他人格的另一面,六種不同的人格融合為一體,演藝圈子裡有許多人經常稱他為「變色龍.」


ZEN is a multilingual, multicultural actor based in both Los Angeles and Taipei.  He received his acting training in Taipei and Hollywood, and has acted in films & theater productions on both sides of the Pacific.  The diversity and depth of his foreign language skills and multicultural personas have enabled him to play a wide range of roles, including villains, psychopaths, detectives, lawyers, students, French-speaking comedians, German nazi, gender-bending roles, etc.  In addition to his native languages of English & Mandarin Chinese, he's bonafide fluent in Japanese, Spanish, French & German.  He's capable switching fluently and effortlessly between all these languages, each language bringing out a different facet of his personality, six personalities inhabiting a single person.  His codename in the acting world: "Chameleon."


Stats: 5'8" (172cm), 140 lb.(63kg)

Location: Los Angeles, CA + Taipei, Taiwan

2010 - present

2010 - present



Barbara the Bunny                       Frank the Lawyer (Lead)                      Noah Edwards 


Your Move, Agent                        Jack the Assassin (Lead)                    Brett Newton


Investigating the Pork Knuckle      Gay Suspect (Principal)                      Wu Daxie



The Importance of Being Earnest   Lady Bracknell (Lead)                         East West Players


In the Key of E Minor                    Paul (Lead)                                         Greenray Theater

This is a Test                               Chris the Geek (Principal)                    Robert Carrelli


The Sound of Music                      Herr Zeller (Principal)                           Robert Carrelli


iTalkBB 2015 (Chinese)                 Young Father & Husband (Lead)          SINJI Advertising


Training & Workshops

Improv                                                  Groundlings                               Groundlings

Audition Technique                                Margie Haber                             Margie Haber Studio

Acting Fundamentals                             Jennifer Chang                          East-West Players

Stella Adler Script Analysis & Tech.        Marjorie Ballentine                     Marjorie Ballentine

Film & TV Auditioning                            Michelle Danner                         Edgemar Center

Oncamera Acting                                   Jeremiah Comey                       Jeremiah Comey Studio

Scene Study                                         Gregory Berg                             Berg Studios

Special Skills

LANGUAGES: Native fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese; Near-native fluent in Japanese, Spanish, French and German; Proficient in Korean, Italian & Russian.


ACCENTS: Standard American, British, Southern, New York, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish


OTHER SKILLS: Translation Skills in Six Languages, Mastery of Languages and Accents, Voice & Singing, Krav Maga (yellow belt), Hip-Hop Dance (basic), Dahn Yoga, Taichi, Qigong

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